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Unemployment Discrimination Cases: Fight Unemployment Discrimination

Unemployment Discrimination | Shegerian & Associates Can Help

Many people have experienced that sinking feeling when they apply for a job, only to be turned down because of gaps in employment. This is becoming a much bigger problem, especially as so many people are currently unemployed at the moment. The vicious cycle continues as those who have held employment for some time are considered for new positions before those who have been out of work. This makes is much harder for you to find employment for which you are qualified, but there is hope.

Precedents for the New Law

A law is being considered to protect those who have been unemployed from discrimination. In fact, the EEOC is already looking into the possibility that it has been illegal all along to discriminate against any applicant who is unemployed at the time of application to a new job. With this law in place, the applicant pool would be much wider for open positions, but there is a much greater chance that those who are unemployed could finally find stable work. This would greatly benefit the state of the economy as a whole, but the most important thing is that your rights will finally be protected.

Getting Assistance with Unemployment Discrimination

If you feel as though you were passed over for a new job because of your unemployed status, you can seek legal representation for the settlement you deserve. While gaining that job may be the larger hope, it’s great to know that the attorneys at Shegerian & Associates are on your side.

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