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Unsafe Work Environment — Hold Your Employer Accountable!

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An unsafe work environment can put an employee in danger. When an employer does not conform to California employment safety rules, they can be held liable for the injury and damages that ensue. These types of infractions occur all over the nation and can come in the form of broken bones, disease and more.

In a case involving the BNSF Railway, Edward Roger Jolley (former employee) has recently received over $3 million as a damages award for his unsafe work environment case. The plaintiff contracted chronic lung disease after inhaling deadly fumes after years on the job. Among the unsafe work environment contaminants were asbestos, diesel and silicone dust.

Although the worker was aware of the hazards of this particular line of work, the employer was found to have been negligent in their maintenance procedures. In addition, the unsafe work environment arose from regulation violations. Medical experts that were called to the trial concluded that the chemicals are common to railroad sites during construction and operation.

In California, an employer can be sanctioned and penalized for engaging in conduct that would lead to an unsafe work environment. An employee should not have to live with injuries that only occurred because of conditions existing in their workplace. Someone that has sustained these types of harms should be compensated appropriately.

If your employer is condoning an unsafe work environment, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates for a consultation. Their legal team is ready to provide you with quality legal services today!

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