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Unsafe Work Environment Violations

Reasons to Avoid an Unsafe Work Environment

An employer cannot have an unsafe work environment for their employees. Every individual has the right to work in a company that will abide by all laws and keep them safe. It is up to the employer to invest any necessary funds into equipment and materials that will prevent an unsafe work environment. When an employer does not do so, they can cause wrongful deaths and will incur hefty fines.

Death by Electrocution

A NYC Transit worker was inadvertently killed due to the unsafe work environment that was caused by the employer. The widow of the employee, Jackie Knell, is suing the employer for $50 million. Her husband died of electrocution due to several unsafe work environment violations. Due to these infractions, the employee fell into an exposed, live rail. Among the violations are lack of lights and signs warning of the danger. In addition, the unsafe workplace environment investigation reveals that the employee was required to carry an excessive amount of weight, which also could have lead to his slip and fall.

OSHA Regulations on Unsafe Work Environment

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) is an organization that is in place to ward off hazardous conditions in the workplace. Avoiding any type of unsafe work environment is the primary focus of this association. Employers that are found guilty of violations can face sanctions, penalties and fines.

If you are working in a dangerous job with an unsafe work environment, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates for a consultation. You can have them review your case for sound legal advice about your unsafe work environment!

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