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WhistleBlowing Can Save Lives!

Moving Forward with Whistle Blowing

In many cases, whistle blowing can take place without an employee being terminated. A worker is able to disclose unlawful acts to a government agency, media or the employer’s senior management in a private manner.

Rush University Medical Center

This hospital is part of a major whistle blowing case that involves putting the lives of many patients at risk. The employer is accused of allowing resident doctors to perform surgeries without the supervision of licensed physicians.

The whistle blowing charges that were commenced by a fellow surgeon and hospital executive refer to several violations of Medicare rules, as resident employees are required to have a teaching doctor at their side during certain procedures and times. However, in order to increase revenue, many doctors were allowing students to handle surgeries on their own as they watched from another room or monitor.

The whistle blowing complaint is based on acts that took place from 2004-2005. So far, the U.S. government has been able to get restitution for certain patients to the tune of $1.5 million.

Employee Protections

Federal and state laws that prohibit and punish retaliation allow an employee to move forward with whistle blowing. By having these safeguards, a worker is more likely to disclose the illegal actions that are occurring in the workplace. These types of situations may include immoral manufacturing processes, discrimination or unlawful decision-making.

If you are part of a whistle blowing matter, and would like to receive sound advice on how you should proceed, then you should contact whistleblowing attorneys Shegerian & Associates for more information!

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