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Why a Discrimination Suit May Be Necessary!

How a Discrimination Suit Brings Justice!

Employees begin a discrimination suit when they being treated in an unfair manner. Your employer is required to abide by all federal, state and local laws that are enacted by the government to protect your legal rights.

Google Inc Discrimination Suit

A lawsuit has been initiated in the State of California against Google Inc. by an ex-employee (Brian Reid) who claims prejudice occurred in the workplace. This age discrimination suit stems from the wrongful termination of Reid in February 2004 from his Director of Operations and Engineering position.

Reid claims that he was referred to as an “old man” and other demeaning remarks during his employment. The discrimination suit was permitted to move forward with a jury trial after the court ruled that there was enough evidence.

Google contends that these “stray remarks” should not form the basis of a discrimination suit and that executive level employees did not make them, rather co-workers uttered them. While Google argues that Reid was dismissed for other reasons, the ex-employee’s only written performance review was favorable.

Because of the wrongful termination, Reid lost stock options that are valued at approximately $50 million. A county court dismissed the case, but it was reinstated at the state appeal level, which is being upheld at the supreme court level.

Stopping Unfair Treatment

If your employer has treated you unfairly, then you should think about initiating a discrimination suit. You can speak with a qualified attorney at Shegerian & Associates to have your case reviewed. Contact them today to find out your options!

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