Wrongfully Terminated Employees Can Seek Justice!

Wrongfully Terminated Employees Can Seek Justice!

Why A Wrongfully Terminated Should Fight!

Employees that are wrongfully terminated can pursue legal recourse in order to rectify the situation. For instance, the discharged employee can hire an experienced employment attorney to initiate a formal complaint with the state labor agency. Wrongfully terminated workers can get restitution for damages and loss of wages with the aid of a legal professional.

In a recent case involving a Texas police department and their IT employee, Wilfrido Mata, the employer is accused of dismissing the worker for whistle blowing. Mata told the proper authorities that the sheriff’s office planned to perform a security audit on the county’s computer system without the government unit’s permission. Mata took this as a planned hack and informed the FBI of the plot.

However, the FBI, the county, nor the county district attorney found proof of such actions, even though Mata wore a wire for the FBI during a meeting with his employer. Mata was then wrongfully terminated after receiving an average job performance rating and a reprimand. Regardless of the lack of evidence that the authorities could not find, the wrongfully terminated employee still feels that his dismissal was uncalled for and seeks restitution.

An employer that has wrongfully terminated a worker must be able to prove that they are not guilty of retaliation. In this particular case, Mata was working for a decade at the sheriff’s department with great performance reviews before he was wrongfully terminated. His last assessment could be called into questions since it occurred within a month of the whistle blowing.

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