California Employer Accused of Whistle Blowing Retaliation!

December 27, 2012

California Employer Accused of Whistle Blowing Retaliation! 150 150 Shegerian Law

Whistle Blowing Can Lead to Retaliatory Acts!

Coastside Scavenger, a well-known trash collecting company in Pacifica, California, is now facing a whistle blowing retaliation claim. A former employee, Jose Castellanos, is alleging that he was fired due to his association with his employee-sons that were making whistle blowing allegations. Castellanos dedicated 37 years of his life to the company, but was terminated approximately 1 year after his sons were.

Castellanos’ sons teamed up with two other employees to commence a lawsuit that accused the company of unsafe work conditions and pay violations. Because of the whistle blowing, Castellanos was demoted, dealt with bounced paychecks for his alleged involvement in the matter, and was asked to resign. Upon the wrongful termination, the company managers made it a point to defile his good name with false allegations of being a thief. In the formal complaint, Castellanos seeks to get his $100K pension that he had earned over the years.

Whistle blowing can often lead to retaliatory acts by an employer, which is why it is important to get a legal professional involved in the matter as soon as possible. Some of the actions that an employer can take include wrongful termination, harassment and disparate treatment.

If an employee has knowledge of illegal practices, then whistle blowing may be the only solution when an employer refuses to rectify the matter in-house. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, an employee can make a formal complaint with a labor agency to have a company sanctioned and fined. If you need legal representation for a whistle blowing case, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates!

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