Defend Your Employee Rights by Hiring Shegerian & Associates for Expert Help!

December 27, 2012

Defend Your Employee Rights by Hiring Shegerian & Associates for Expert Help! 150 150 Shegerian Law

Employee Rights Must Be Upheld in the Workplace

Employee rights must be upheld in the workplace, especially when it comes to civil liberties that are afforded by federal, state or local statutes. An employer that does not comply with these laws can be found liable for infringing upon employee rights. Consequently, they can face severe repercussions that could cost them in the long run.

NYS Department of Labor Case

This class action lawsuit is based on the illegal charges that were assessed by the employer on a company-run 401K plan. The petitioners consist of retired and currently employed individuals that were affected by the unfair fees.

In a civil liberties case that involves the state government, Michael Cunningham has filed suit for unauthorized GPS-tracking of his family and himself for what is believed to be a minimum of one month. A GPS device was put in use to investigate workplace misconduct, which was done without a warrant. As a result, employee rights were being violated. Cunningham has been working for the department for over 30 years and finds the incident outrageous. The lawsuit seeks reinstatement of Cunningham, as well as the dismissal of the GPS-related evidence that was used by the employer to terminate his employment.

Employee Rights in California

An employer must abide by laws protecting employee rights. Illegal search and seizure is a direct violation of safeguards put in place to shield workers and individuals from unlawful conduct. Large fines, sanctions and penalties can be forced upon employers that do not comply with California or federal statutes.

If you feel that your employee rights are being violated, then you need to speak with a well-qualified attorney that is ready to enforce your legal rights. Contact Shegerian & Associate today to obtain the skilled and experienced services that you are looking for!

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