Disability Law Cases: Disability Leave Time

December 27, 2012

Disability Law Cases: Disability Leave Time 150 150 Shegerian Law

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Many companies have in place some kind of policy regarding leave time for vacation, sick leave, or maternity leave that regulates how much time a person can be gone from their job for any of these reasons. When working with people with disabilities, however, employers are oftentimes not able to legally impost limits on leave time disabled workers may need to take.

What You Should Expect from Employers

Many disabled workers are hesitant to take or even ask for leave time because they are concerned they will be discriminated against and possibly lose their job for needing time off. The Americans with Disabilities Act, however, requires employers to make “reasonable accommodations” for any disabled employees so they are able to do their job in the way it was meant to be done. For many people, reasonable accommodations includes leave time above and beyond normal sick time for medical care and recovery.

When to Seek Help

Many employers, especially at smaller companies, can struggle with this, however, because it means finding someone to fill in on a temporary basis and shifting work loads and schedules to accommodate one person. Often times, this leads to inflexible leave time policies and so disabled workers may file discrimination suits against the company because they were not granted the leave time they needed.

People with disabilities who feel they may have been denied necessary time off or even fired due to their disability should seek out the advice and counsel of an attorney from Shegerian & Associates for help.

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