Employee Rights in the Workplace – Disneyland Being Sued by Employees

December 27, 2012

Employee Rights in the Workplace – Disneyland Being Sued by Employees 150 150 Shegerian Law

An abuse of employee rights in the workplace can negatively affect a worker in many different ways. For instance, it could lead to severe emotional distress, a denial of employment privileges, privacy concerns and other forms of damages. If an employer does not take proper action to avoid violating employee rights in the workplace, they can be held accountable.

Employee Rights in the Workplace – Disney Lawsuit in California

Disneyland employees are initiating a suit against the large amusement park due to their ID badges being embedded with their social security numbers. The plaintiffs allege that smart phones can read their confidential and private information, which infringes upon their employee rights in the workplace. The lawsuit is seeking class action status for more than 20,000 workers, including currently employed and formerly employed individuals. The complaint stipulates that there is an invasion of privacy, as well as a violation of California laws.

CA Employee Rights in the Workplace

CA employers are required to uphold employee rights in the workplace. Federal, state and local statutes provide several forms of protection. It is important that employers take every measure to comply with regulations, in order to avoid subjecting their workers to unfair or illegal treatment.

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