Fight Off Pregnancy Discrimination with the Help of Shegerian & Associates!

December 27, 2012

Fight Off Pregnancy Discrimination with the Help of Shegerian & Associates! 150 150 Shegerian Law

How Pregnancy Discrimination Hurts You

Female workers that are trying to start or add to their family can often be subjected to pregnancy discrimination. A female pregnant employee should continue to receive promotions, benefits, pay raises and other key aspects of a positive work environment. When an employer decides to treat a pregnant worker unequally or unfairly, they can be liable for violations of federal and state employment laws.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Settlement — Pregnancy Discrimination

The plaintiff in this lawsuit cited violations of the federal Family Medical Leave Act and pregnancy discrimination upon initiating the claim. Charlotte Hanna was no longer receiving advancement opportunities once she took her first pregnancy leave.

She was the vice president of an in-house training program and decided to work part-time. Once she had made that choice, she experienced demotion and unfair treatment. She was then fired in 2008 before she had completed her second maternity leave. Both parties have reached a confidential settlement.

California Law — Pregnancy Discrimination

Under the California Fair Housing & Employment Act, pregnancy discrimination is explicitly banned. This means that female workers cannot be discriminated against or stereotyped if they are pregnant. Employers must not be biased when making decisions on hiring, promoting, demoting, pay scales, training opportunities and benefits, among others.

If your employer is condoning pregnancy discrimination in your workplace, then you should take action right away. You do not have to continue experiencing unfair treatment — simply contact Shegerian & Associates to set up a consultation. A California attorney is waiting to speak with you!

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