Fight Preferential Treatment in Your Workplace with Shegerian & Associates!

December 27, 2012

Fight Preferential Treatment in Your Workplace with Shegerian & Associates! 150 150 Shegerian Law

Preferential Treatment — The Negative Effects

Preferential treatment can occur when an employer unlawfully favors a certain group of employees over others within the organization. Even though employers must treat protected classes fairly, they cannot create an unfair work environment for everyone else. When preferential treatment occurs, the legal rights of hard-working employees can be violated.

L.A. Airport Police Lawsuit

The plaintiffs in this case are accusing the L.A. Airport Police of giving black employees preferential treatment. During disciplinary actions and promotions, white officers were not being treated fairly. Specifically, promotions were being awarded to minority officers even though they had lower test scores. In addition, they were not given harsh discipline for similar infractions. The employer currently denies any racial preferential treatment and states that they comply with all anti-discrimination laws in California.

California Labor Law

State laws require employers to treat all employees in a fair and equal manner. While white police officers are not necessarily protected under anti-discrimination statutes, they have the right to get the same opportunities within the workplace. Preferential treatment can lead to a hostile work environment and less productivity. Employers need to promote a positive workplace that is based on unbiased actions.

If you are experiencing the negative effects of preferential treatment in your California employment, you should take action right away. You do not have to endure unfair treatment, whether it is for promotions, equal pay, disciplinary actions, training or other opportunities. Contact Shegerian & Associates to get your case evaluated and to obtain sound legal advice. You can speak with an experienced California attorney right now!

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