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December 27, 2012

Fight Religious Discrimination with Shegerian & Associates Today! 150 150 Shegerian Law

Religious Discrimination Can Lead to Wrongful Termination

Religious discrimination can violate the legal rights of an employee in the workplace. These types of incidents occur in California, as well as other states around the country. Although federal and state religious discrimination statutes are in place, employers continue to abuse their power by subjecting workers to unfair conditions.

Jacqueline Dukes v. Measurement Inc.

With the help of both the EEOC and her attorney, Jacqueline Dukes is bringing a religious discrimination action against her former employer. The plaintiff used to be a departmental team leader for the company and is alleging to be the victim of unlawful treatment in her workplace.

She was a devoted member of a Christian sect that recognized the Sabbath as part of their religious practices. Accordingly, Dukes informed her employer that she would be unable to work from Friday nights to Saturday nights.

Her employer began to require her to work Saturdays. After Dukes reminded them of her constraints, they resorted to religious discrimination by firing her. The complaint states that the plaintiff would like to be reinstated, receive damages and back pay.

The Law

An employee has the right to reasonable accommodations during their employment. In this particular case, the plaintiff could have been given the opportunity to switch shifts with other co-workers in order to satisfy her work duties. Employers that condone religious discrimination can be considered to be violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

If you are facing a problem with religious discrimination in California, then you should contact a legal professional that cares. Call or complete the contact form to speak with an attorney from Shegerian & Associates today!

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