General Employment Laws: California Seating Laws

December 27, 2012

General Employment Laws: California Seating Laws 150 150 Shegerian Law

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Believe it or not, it’s now illegal in California for employers to overlook seating for employees. This means they must provide adequate chairs for all employees at desks or other work areas at all times. If there are areas where workers gather, there must also be adequate seating there or nearby. For those who work in environments where standing is required when seated work would suffice, you have a case.

What the Law States

While the law applies to trade employees, there are specifications that can be applies to other industries. The Wage Order 7-2001 covers employees of stores where seating is not supplied. This means that the employee has the right to stay seated when it does not interfere directly with his or her work. Break rooms and rest areas should have adequate seating for all employees, and everyone should be able to sit at any time during their work hours.

When to Seek Help

If you feel as though your employer is not providing adequate seating during your work hours, you can pursue legal action. You may want to approach the issue with a supervisor before you take such drastic steps, however. In many cases, it takes working up the chain of command to get the attention you deserve, so don’t give up until you get the chairs you need. If you encounter resistance, then you can consider seeking out the help of an attorney who is well versed in employment law. At Shegerian & Associates, you will find attorneys who are ready to enforce your employment rights.

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