Military Leave Protection Cases: Military Leave Is Protected

December 27, 2012

Military Leave Protection Cases: Military Leave Is Protected 150 150 Shegerian Law

Military Leave Protection | Shegerian & Associates Can Help

To the men and women protecting our great nation, the worst kind of thank you is finding that they have lost their job while fighting for freedom. There are laws in place to protect you from this possibility, but that doesn’t mean your employer knows about it or really cares. If they feel they can get away with replacing you during your absence, they will most likely attempt to. If this leaves you without a job when you return home, or if it even leaves you in a lower position than you had when you left, then you have every right to seek legal recourse.

The Extent of Your Protection

Essentially, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act of 1994 allows employees who serve in the military up to five years of leave for military duty. During any of this leave time, your job must be held for you. If you are replaced, you must be reinstated upon your return at the same salary or higher, with the same level of responsibilities or higher. These rights are guaranteed by law, so you should not allow your employer to skate by without taking action.

Get the Help You Deserve

If you feel as though you have been treated unfairly as a result of your military service, there are attorneys who can help. The legal team at Shegarian & Associates is experienced with a wide variety of employment law cases, and they will know exactly what you need to get the justice you deserve.

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