Anthony Nguyen's Comments on Atlanta Hawks' Discrimination Allegations

LOS ANGELES — Anthony Nguyen, attorney and partner at Los Angeles-based employment discrimination firm Shegerian & Associatesrecently issued a statement regarding the racial discrimination allegations made against the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. Samuel R. Hayes, a former security operations manager for the team, claims that he was fired because of his race. He also alleges that the team implements different security procedures depending on the race of the people attending the event.

“Mr. Hayes goes into great detail describing how black celebrities and event attendees were asked to go through security before entering the arena, while white individuals were often allowed to bypass the security line,” Nguyen says. “Although the Hawks have called the claims ‘baseless,’ some of Mr. Hayes’ former co-workers have confirmed the allegations are true.”

“Additionally, Mr. Hayes claims that he was terminated from his position solely because of his race,” Nguyen continues. “If this is true, it is clear that racial discrimination is pervasive within the Atlanta Hawks organization.”

“This is not the first time that the Atlanta Hawks have been associated with racial discrimination,” Nguyen says. “And unfortunately, if the courts do not hold the appropriate parties accountable for these discriminatory practices, it will probably not be the last time, either.”

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