Atty. Carney Shegerian on Colorado Pregnancy Discrimination

Attorney Carney Shegerian, founder of the pregnancy discrimination lawyer Los Angeles firm Shegerian & Associates, released comments on a recent ruling against a Colorado county for violation of federal pregnancy discrimination laws.

“Once again we’re seeing an employer attempting to use a worker’s pregnancy to exclude and discriminate in a way that violates the 1964 Civil Rights Act as well as the Pregnancy Discrimination Act,” said Shegerian. “Here, the Montrose County employee was fired just nine days after informing her employer of her pregnancy.”

The fact that the employee is a county government worker, rather than an employee of a private business, does not exempt the county from complying with laws designed to protect employee rights, says Shegerian. “This type of case sets a lasting precedent for government and municipal workers who rely on employment law to ensure their rights are upheld and that governments are held accountable.”

“In this instance, the county involved was forced to pay over $300,000 due to the guilty verdict,” Shegerian went on to say. “That’s a very high price to pay for a matter that very well could have been avoided if the employee had been treated fairly and suitably accommodated due to her pregnancy.”

Mr. Shegerian is founder of Shegerian & Associates and winner of the 2013 Trial Attorney of the Year Award from the Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles. His employment rights firm has attained a consistent track record of successful jury trials and has won over 72 jury trials, including 30 seven and eight figure verdicts. The firm has an over 95% success rate and remains an exemplary leader in resolving employment discrimination issues.

Located in Los Angeles County, Shegerian & Associates is a law firm specializing in protecting the rights of employees who have been wronged by their employers. Shegerian & Associates is dedicated to serving the needs of its clients, and has won over 72 jury trials, including 30 seven and eight figure verdicts. For more information, visit or

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