Attorney Carney Shegerian Comments on Sex Discrimination Suit Against Elton John - Shegerian Law

LOS ANGELES, April 21, 2016 — Attorney Carney Shegerian, founder of the Los Angeles-based employment discrimination firm Shegerian & Associates, recently released comments on the sex discrimination allegations aimed at world-renowned musician, Elton John. John’s former bodyguard, Jeffrey Wenninger, has sited “unwelcome” touching and has formally alleged battery, sexual battery and sexual harassment, according his complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

“The fact that stands out the most about this case, other than that it involves a well-known celebrity, is that it involves two males in a sex discrimination context,” said Shegerian. “The fact is that such cases of sex discrimination are not uncommon, and we are likely to see more of them prop up as male workers begin to understand that sex discrimination rights include them also and are meant to provide protection from sexual harassment in a number of variating scenarios.”

“The fact is that no matter how relaxed and candid the atmosphere in a workplace is, a worker should not be subjected to unwelcome sexual advances according to the law,” Shegerian went on to say. “Even if workers feel compelled to endure the harassment for a period of months, or even years, if it’s unwanted and unwelcome, it’s against the law. It is definitely in violation of sex discrimination laws when an employer is notified of the harassment, but chooses to ignore the worker’s complaints.”

“The best thing that an employer can do when a worker objects to his or her behavior is to change course, and immediately address the issue with reasonable and effective measures to ensure that the harassment comes to a complete and permanent end,” Shegerian said.

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