Atty. Carney Shegerian on Lowe's Disability Discrimination Suit

LOS ANGELES, June 22, 2016 — Attorney Carney Shegerian, founder of the Los Angeles-based employment discrimination firm Shegerian & Associates, recently released comments on the EEOC’s disability discrimination claims aimed at home improvement giant, Lowe’s. The suit alleges Lowe’s refused to hire disabled applicants and refused reasonable accommodation for disabled workers. The company has agreed to settle the case for $8.6 million.

“This is truly a very large settlement for very serious allegations of disability discrimination,” said Shegerian. “Were the type of leave limits alleged here to become a trend among employers, disabled employees and applicants would be severely disadvantaged in violation of the ADA (ADAM-OLD) and some portions of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act as well.”

“The suit alleges applicants Lowe’s ‘regarded as’ having a disability were not hired. This is also a serious violation of disability discrimination law,” Shegerian went on to say. “One of the major tenets of the law is to prevent the use of subjective stereotypes and biases about disability as hiring criteria. Excluding even those who seem disabled means treating some applicants different from others regardless of their ability to perform on the job.”

“It seems that if the allegations are true, Lowe’s made a series of illegal choices regarding disabilities due to a concern for the bottom line,” Shegerian said. “Those choices may have helped to cut costs temporarily, but the size of this settlement goes to show, it’s better to treat job applicants and employees fairly rather than risk huge losses in the long run.”

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