CNN Investigates Bikram Choudhury Sexual Assault Cases

In a series of interviews broadcast on CNN this week, Choudhury and Plaintiff Sarah Baughn each share their stories.

“These cases are actually representative of a problem that has plagued society for far too long”

Six women have now come forward, at the time of this release, claiming that Choudhury sexually assaulted and/or raped them.

All six women are represented by attorneys Mary Shea of Shea Law Offices in Oakland, California, and Carney Shegerian of Los Angeles-based Shegerian & Associates, Inc.

In the interviews, Shegerian explained how women started coming forward after Baughn made her initial brave steps to share what had happened to her.

“We are absolutely honored to be given the opportunity to help these courageous women seek justice,” said Shea, who has spent more than 20 years standing up to sexual abusers and protecting those in need of representation. “Because of the unique nature of the Bikram Yoga community and the level of trust and placed in the hands of the defendant, the plaintiffs’ heartbreaking stories of sexual assault, rape and abuse are further exacerbated by a deep spiritual violation as well.”

“These cases are actually representative of a problem that has plagued society for far too long,” said Shegerian, who specializes in employee rights. “Men in positions of power making unwanted and illegal sexual advances toward women who are their employees or students is a problem of epidemic proportions that simply must stop. These women are taking a very brave step toward shedding light on one such person of influence that has been sexually harassing, abusing and assaulting women for a very long time. It’s our job to help these women and put a stop to this.”