CA Appeals Court Upholds Verdict on Compensatory Damages

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The California Court of Appeal ruled this week to affirm the trial court’s judgment awarding compensatory damages for Robert Leggins, a former employee of Rite Aid Corporation, in the matter of Leggins v. Rite Aid Corporation.

In July, 2015, a California jury reached a seven-figure verdict in the case in which Leggins alleged the company discriminated against him and eventually fired him over neck and shoulder disabilities, all initially stemming from injuries he sustained during a robbery at Rite Aid.  The jury found Rite Aid owed the former store manager $3.7 millionfor lost wages and non-economic losses, including emotional distress.

“The Court of Appeal affirming compensatory damages for Robert Leggins should put employers on notice that when they mistreat employees, juries are able to award damages to compensate these victims for the harm caused by the employers’ wrongful actions,” said Carney Shegerian, trial lawyer for Robert Leggins.

Leggins was attacked during a robbery and required several surgeries on his neck.  Although he was injured, Rite Aid management forced him to do manual labor and mocked him for his injury, and even alleged he was faking his injury to avoid doing work.  Leggins had worked for Rite Aid since 1985.

“Robert was a hard worker and took his job as store manager very seriously.  He was injured in the store he managed during a robbery, and instead of offering assistance to him and his family as years went on while his complications worsened, Rite Aid fired him.  For Rite Aid to discriminate against him, mock him, and ultimately terminate him is a disgrace and embarrassment,” Shegerian added.

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