Carney Shegerian Comments on NY Investigation into Hourly Wage Practices

As America’s wage crisis intensifies, Attorney Carney Shegerian of Shegerian & Associates, a California-based employment rights firm, recently commented on the unfolding developments in the New York attorney general office’s investigation of 13 major retail stores including the Gap and Target.

“This is a very important investigation,” said Shegerian. “The New York office of attorney general appears to be concerned that the hourly wage practices of these particular stores, which happen to be major retailers like Sears, Target, and Gap, stores we are all very familiar with, are possibly in violation of state fair wage laws.”

“It’s important that wage workers are well aware that they have rights at both the state and federal level that are specifically in place to ensure that the companies they work for are not allowed to take advantage of the labor and time they offer as assets to their employers,” Shegerian went on to say.

“It’s good to know, especially from an employment rights perspective, that the New York attorney general office is willing to use its authority to take a closer look at employer practices that could place wage workers at an unfair disadvantage.”

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