Carney Shegerian Featured as Attorney of the Month on Attorney at Law Magazine

Carney Shegerian was recently featured on the cover of “Attorney at Law” magazine as the “Attorney of the Month”.

There is a common perception among laymen that we are a society gone sue crazy. Litigation, they believe, has become the go-to response to even the most minor slight, real or imagined. Perhaps the preponderance of information assailing us daily through both traditional and social media makes it appear there are more lawsuits today compared to say, 20 years ago. That’s just perception. Because we are so much more aware of legal actions, this leads to the assumption that at least some of these must be unwarranted. In truth, no respectable attorney will ever pursue frivolous or “nuisance” litigation.

Those who subscribed to the idea of limitless litigation, might be surprised to learn there are actually certain areas of the law, whose clients are reluctant, even fearful of taking their claim to court. As one of California’s leading trial attorneys, specializing in employment law and personal injury, Carney R. Shegerian, has experienced this in his own practice.

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