Carney Shegerian speaks with HBO Real Sports Regarding Bikram Case

HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel is the most recent media forum to share more of the details surrounding sexual assault claims made against famed “hot yoga” guru Bikram Choudhury.  In a series of interviews produced by HBO,  Carney Shegerian of Los Angeles based Shegerian & Associates described Choudhury as a “criminal” and a “sexual predator.”

Six women, (three of whom were also interviewed by HBO) have filed lawsuits claiming that Choudhury sexually assaulted and/or raped them.

All six women are represented by attorneys Mary Shea of Shea Law Offices in Oakland, California and Shegerian.

In the interviews, Shegerian explained how difficult it has been for the women to come forward when the yoga had been their culture and livelihood. As egregious as Choudhury’s alleged behavior has been, however, Shegerian said that it is part of a societal that reaches well beyond the yoga realm.

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