UPS Driver Wins $5.4M in Whistleblower Retaliation Case

Fired UPS Driver Awarded $5.4 million in Whistleblower Retaliation Case

On March 6th, 2023, a Los Angeles jury awarded Richard Galvan, a former UPS employee, $5.4 million for his whistleblower retaliation claim against UPS.

Richard Galvan had been recognized as a phenomenal employee at UPS. It was not until after he endured several months of unsafe work conditions that he reached out to Shegerian & Associates for legal representation after being terminated for illegitimate reasons. Mr. Galvan’s lawsuit asserts that he had been an employee at UPS for over 30 years before his termination in January of 2017 for alleged “proven dishonesty”.

The outcome of this case shows that companies will be held accountable for retaliating against their employees.
— Carney Shegerian

Mr. Galvan’s lawsuit specifies that he drove UPS feeder trucks at the time of his termination. During trial, Mr. Galvan testified that his termination was a result of health and safety complaints, including a complaint about being assaulted and injured by another UPS employee at UPS, and other health and safety complaints for being made to drive his feeder truck under conditions that he felt were unsafe.

“Richard Galvan was an outstanding employee who had many safety accolades and awards throughout his career at UPS,” said Mahru Madjidi, an employee rights advocate and managing attorney at Shegerian & Associates. “He strived to help others and do the right thing and was deeply troubled with the ‘dishonesty’ label placed on him by UPS. The decision reached by the jury finally cleared Mr. Galvan’s good name.”

Carney Shegerian, Founding Shareholder of Shegerian & Associates, stated “Mr. Galvan wanted to make the working conditions better for his fellow employees regardless of the backlash and unfair treatment he received from his higher-ups as a result of raising safety concerns. The outcome of this case shows that companies will be held accountable for retaliating against their employees.”

Los Angeles Superior Court
Case Number: 19STCV07689