Attorney Nguyen on NFL Alumni CEO's Harassment Allegations

LOS ANGELES, June 26, 2017  — Anthony Nguyen, attorney and shareholder at Los Angeles-based employment discrimination firm Shegerian & Associates recently issued a statement regarding the sexual harassment allegations made against Joe Pisarcik, the CEO of the NFL Alumni Association. Pisarcik, a former quarterback for the New York Giants, is being accused of making unwanted sexual advances and offensive comments towards three women who worked underneath him before his retirement in March.

“The three women who filed this lawsuit were allegedly subjected to both physical and verbal sexual harassment by Joe Pisarcik,” Nguyen states. “It is all too common that men in positions of power, like Pisarcik, believe that the rules do not apply to them. This may be why Pisarcik allegedly felt it was appropriate to speak at great length about his sexual experiences and make unwanted physical contact with the victims.”

“In the suit, the women claim that they notified the NFLAA board of Pisarcik’s conduct back in October of 2016,” Nguyen says. “The women were told the board wanted to delay addressing the issue so it didn’t create bad publicity leading up to the Super Bowl. Months later, Pisarcik announced his retirement and shortly after, two of the three women were fired.”

“On the surface, this appears to be a classic case of retaliation against the three women,” Nguyen continues. “Yet on a deeper level, it also appears to be a troubling case of an employer burying illegal conduct for the sake of public relations,” Nguyen added. “Hopefully, this lawsuit teaches the NFLAA that no woman should have to choose between keeping her job or protecting her rights.”