Shegerian & Associates Announces That Jury Finds Defense Contractor Aerol Co., Inc. Liable for… - Shegerian Law

Shegerian & Associates Announces That Jury Finds Defense Contractor Aerol Co., Inc. Liable for…

On Tuesday afternoon, a Los Angeles jury found defense contractor Aerol Co., Inc. liable for both age and disability discrimination against an employee it fired after 36 years of dutiful service. Rodolfo Meza, an 84 year old mold-maker, was fired from his job right after having total knee-replacement surgery.

“The jury saw through the corporation’s smokescreen and recognized age and disability discrimination for what it is. Wrong and devastating. The situation was just tragic. Mr. Meza just wanted to work. In his 84 years, he had never been involved in any lawsuit with anyone,” according to Carney Shegerian, attorney for Rodolfo Meza and founder of Shegerian & Associates.

“Like many corporations, Aerol Co., Inc., a subsidiary of Preece, Inc., had no tolerance for Mr. Meza’s need for a disability leave that elder workers are more prone to require from time-to-time. Mr. Meza was highly regarded and productive throughout his employment. He received a single sentence letter in the mail terminating him. No retirement party. No watch. Nothing,” Shegerian explains.

The jury awarded Meza $467,000 in compensatory damages for the discriminatory misconduct. The jury also found that the corporation engaged in oppressive conduct, but did not impose further punitive damages against the 36 employee company.

As an experienced trial attorney, Shegerian has tried many jury trials to verdict in both state and federal court, always representing individuals that have suffered financial or emotional losses and have been wronged by employers, including major corporations. Shegerian has built a remarkable career on helping those who have been wronged in the workplace. He remains undefeated in federal jury trials and has won 14 seven figure verdicts representing employees.

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