Shegerian & Associates Help Sports Club Company Employee Successfully Sue for Wrongful Termination - Shegerian Law

Shegerian & Associates, a Santa Monica-based lawfirm specializing in employee rights, today announced that Elise Modrovich, a Pilates Instructor who had been employed by the Sports Club Company and was terminated in 2006, has won a wrongful termination lawsuit and will be awarded more than $1.34 million.

Represented by Shegerian & Associates, Modrovich sued alleging wrongful termination, retaliation, violation of public policy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, among other claims.

Attorney Carney Shegerian filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court. As reported by the Daily Journal, the jury in the civil litigation ruled in favor of Modrovich with a verdict of $1,345,293, which consisted of $106,745 past economic damages, $188,548 future economic damages, $750,000 past noneconomic damages, $300,000 future non-economic damages. Before additional punitive damages could be determined, the parties settled for an undisclosed amount.

During the trial, Modrovich testified that the company initially considered her “exemplary” and a “great worker” but in 2006, when she questioned decreases in compensation, she found herself treated differently by management. Four days prior to being fired, the company asked Modrovich to not work overtime. The company also eliminated a training program that would have enabled Modrovich to earn a bonus for a specified amount of months. The elimination of the training program also decreased her client base by approximately 30 percent.

Told she was being terminated for “excessive complaining, undermining management, and committing fraud by submitting reports containing false information,” Modrovich chose to seek justice. She retained Shegerian & Associates to handle her case.

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