Shegerian Law on SF 49ers Age Discrimination Allegations

Attorney Carney Shegerian of Shegerian & Associates, a Santa Monica based employee rights litigation firm, has commented on recent allegations of age discrimination against the San Francisco 49ers franchise. Former employees allege that the pro-football enterprise practiced illegal discrimination by firing them because of their over 40 age status.

“The law on treating working men and women unfairly simply because they are older is clear,” said Shegerian. The 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits the unfair use of age in employment decisions for workers over 40 years of age and provides legal remedies for violation of the act.

“Age discrimination doesn’t mean that employers can’t use age in employment decisions when necessary. However, most jobs do not require age limitations. Anyone of legal working age can perform the work,” said Shegerian. “The problem is that employers sometimes don’t see it that way and begin to treat older workers as if they are more costly, less valuable, and even a burden to the success and progress of a business.”

Over the years, Shegerian has tried numerous age discrimination cases, including a case which resulted in a $26.1 million dollar verdict, the largest verdict of its kind in Los Angeles legal history.

Winner of the 2013 Trial Attorney of the Year Award from the Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles, Shegerian is the founder of Shegerian & Associates. The prominent employment rights firm has attained a consistently successful track record of victorious jury trials, with a large number of awards totaling millions. The firm has an over 95% success rate and remains an exemplary leader in resolving employment discrimination issues.

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