Ruling Analysis: City of New York Discrimination Case

Carney Shegerian, founder of the Los Angeles-based employment rights firm Shegerian & Associates has released comments concerning the recent $246 million ruling against the City of New York for race and gender discrimination.

Mr. Shegerian has worked as an employment rights attorney for nearly two decades litigating employment discrimination cases on behalf of workers similar to the more than 1,000 administrative managers represented in the EEOC ruling.

“The fact that most of the managers are women of color who have not received salary increases or promotions in years is astounding,” said Shegerian. “Fairness and equality in compensation, even in municipalities, strikes at the heart of all employment rights law, and these are laws that have been well-established since the 1960’s. Employers must work diligently to recognize these laws and adjust their policies accordingly or be prepared to face costly legal action.”

“When discriminatory employment policies involving compensation are systematically imposed, the results can be particularly devastating to workers and their families,” Shegerian went on to say. “I think the size of the verdict sends an emphatic message to cities across the nation, as well as to other employers, that institutional discrimination is neither consistent with the law nor helpful to organizations striving to be successful.”

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