Attorney Carney Shegerian Comments on Recent Unfair Labor Practice Lawsuits Against Chipotle - Shegerian Law

Attorney Carney Shegerian of Los Angeles based employment rights firm Shegerian & Associates has commented on recent allegations from hundreds of Chipotle workers claiming unfair labor practices.

The allegations comes just as a slew of similar allegations from workers across the country begin to surface citing a host of labor law violations involving unpaid wages. The Denver-based company faces nine lawsuits in six states involving 643 plaintiffs, many of which center around the process of automatically clocking employees out or forcing them to work off the clock.

“Generally speaking, when employers automatically clock workers out but force employees to work off the clock, they are trying to avoid paying employees their due wages. Such practices are obviously in violation of the Unfair Labor Standards Act and are illegal. Employees should become aware of their rights in such circumstances and be prepared to address the issues in court if a company refuses to comply with the law,” said Shegerian.

“Unfair labor practices may be difficult to address when there is a culture of non-compliance involved that has been in place for a number of years. Nevertheless, employees are entitled to the wages they have rightfully earned and must be compensated fairly,” Shegerian went on to say.

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