Whistleblower Fired by Electric Scooter Company

Whistleblower Alleges He Was Fired By Electric Scooter Company After Raising Public Safety Concerns

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A former employee of an electric scooter company has filed suit, Case Number 19STCV03082, alleging he was terminated after raising public safety concerns.

Matt Fisher worked for Bird Rides, Inc. for nearly a year prior to being fired after raising concerns that relate to how scooters were being maintained.

Prior to his termination, the 39-year-old worked as a Bird Watcher, a role that required him to check and report damaged scooters.

Yet, as Fisher explains, the company instead issued an internal memorandum identifying the type of damage that would not warrant scooters being classified as “damaged,” a classification that would necessitate them being taken offline pending maintenance.

After receiving the message, Fisher voiced his concerns, explaining that he would not ignore damaged scooters because to do so would in effect put people’s lives at risk.

Fisher was terminated less than three weeks later. He has retained Los Angeles-based renowned employee rights firm, Shegerian and Associates.

“The retaliation lawsuit against Bird is deeply troubling, exemplifying the dangers that employees face when they decide to speak up against corporations,” said Carney Shegerian, founder of Shegerian and Associates. “The company’s continued retaliation and defamation of the plaintiff shows why many decide to stay quiet rather than become whistleblowers.”


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