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December 27, 2012

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Overtime Benefits Enforced in Premera Blue Cross Lawsuit

Overtime benefits pay an employee for all working hours that go over the state’s maximum allowance. According to California statutes, employers must compensate their employees when they work over 40 hours in one week or over 8 hours in one day. Accordingly, a worker must receive more than his normal rate of pay.

Premera Blue Cross Class Action Lawsuit

A federal court has approved a settlement for overtime benefits to the tune of $1.45 million, on a preliminary basis. According to the complaint, Premera Blue Cross did not pay overtime wages to 133 tech support workers. The health insurance company faced a class action lawsuit when they misclassified the group of workers as being exempt from the additional wages.

The federal judge overseeing the case is scheduled to make a final settlement approval in June. A Premera spokesman stated that there is no suggestion of wrongdoing associated with the settlement; the settlement helps them avoid the risks and cost of continued litigation.

Enforcing Overtime Benefits

If your employer is refusing to pay you for overtime hours, then you need to hire an experienced attorney right away. You deserve to get a full paycheck that reflects additional wages in the amount of 1.5 your normal rate when you work between 8 to 12 hours in a day, and 2 times your normal rate for more than 12 hours.

If you would like to hire qualified legal counsel for your California case, then you should turn to Shegerian & Associates. You can get sound legal advice and guidance for your employment-related matters.

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