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Birth Injuries

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Birth injuries are caused by natural birth defects or can be due to the negligence or improper care of newborns during labor or at delivery. When a doctor fails to perform at the standard level of care deemed necessary by state laws, birth injuries can become grounds for major medical malpractice lawsuits.

In such instances, the close guidance of a team of expert personal injury attorneys is an excellent resource. The attorneys at Shegerian & Associates can offer legal representation when birth injuries become an issue and possess a wealth of expertise for approaching each unique birth injury with well-informed legal strategy.

Liability for Birth Injuries

The stages of birth and delivery are complex and can be dangerous to the well-being of a newborn child if not handled properly. Improper monitoring of the birth process, defective delivery instruments, and improper use of common delivery devices such as forceps can also cause permanent, sometimes fatal consequences.

One of the most common types of birth injury is a lack of oxygen to the child during the delivery process. This can lead to a number of birth injuries causing irreparable harm to a newborn. Lack of oxygen is often the result of a failure to monitor the heartbeat of a newborn during labor and delivery which is why many hospitals are extremely careful with fetal heart rate monitoring.

When the birth process goes awry resulting in birth injuries, proving medical malpractice involves a special demonstration of evidence. Plaintiffs must show that the actions and behavior of medical staff dropped below the standard of care that would ordinarily be expected under the circumstances. Doctors must maintain this duty of care in order to avoid medical malpractice liability.

Getting Expert Legal Counsel Regarding Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can be complex but when they occur each should be investigated thoroughly to determine whether the parents and families of the child injured should be adequately compensated for any damages or harm to the child. Only the expertise of an experienced attorney with access to up-to-date information about birth injuries and how they occur can provide the competent legal counsel that is needed.

Shegerian & Associates is a team of attorneys offering exactly the type of outstanding legal representation suitable for a successful birth injuries case. Our skilled attorneys possess the ability to investigate a birth injury, resolving issues and devising legal strategies that provide answers and solutions in the courtroom for families forced to deal with the damaging consequences of birth injuries. Contact us today for trustworthy and reliable legal counsel.

If you are a parent or loved one with a child who has expereinced a birth injury, contact shegerian & Associates as soon as possible. We’re standing by to discuss the details of your case.

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