Racial Discrimination Cases: English Only Workplace Policies

December 27, 2012

Racial Discrimination Cases: English Only Workplace Policies 150 150 Shegerian Law

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With immigration issues such a big topic of conversation and concern these days, the idea of enforcing English only policies or rules in the workplace has continued to pop up around the country. Some employers want to do away with existing anti-discrimination laws that prohibit them from requiring English only in the workplace and some politicians support and lobby for this idea.

Current Policies and Procedures

While there are current rules that allow employers to get around these policies if speaking English is necessary to perform the job, the law is in place to protect non-English speakers from being discriminated against in the job market and work place. While some jobs clearly require employees to be able to communicate and speak in English, such as someone who interacts with English speaking clients on a daily basis, other jobs and positions do not necessarily require someone to speak English and enforcing English only rules may make it difficult for the diverse and varied immigrant population in the United States to find jobs. In these cases, it is a clear form of racial discrimination.

When the Line Is Crossed

Many states have their own laws and regulations above and beyond federal guidelines about English only policies in the workplace and so knowing your own state’s laws is important if you feel you are being discriminated against because English is not your first language. As always, knowing your rights as an employee and what your employers can and cannot do is the first step to taking action if you feel you are being wrongly treated or subjected to unfair practices in a work environment. If you feel you are a victim of racial discrimination, you can count on the attorneys at Shegerian & Associates to help you.

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