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December 27, 2012

Stop Disability Discrimination with the Help of Shegerian & Associates! 150 150 Shegerian Law

Disability Discrimination — National Waste Removal Company Settles Suit

Employees that are subjected to disability discrimination can enforce their legal rights by bringing an action against their offending employer. It is against the law to treat disabled workers differently, especially when it comes to the hiring process, promotions, benefits and termination. Employers that condone disability discrimination can be found guilty of violating federal and state statutes that protect employee interests.

IESI Corporation Disability Discrimination Suit

A waste removal firm that operates on the national level has recently settled a disability discrimination action to the tune of $95,000. The plaintiff was wrongfully terminated from his position even though he was able to fulfill the essential duties of his employment position. Ronald Harper had dyslexia and was a truck driver for IESI Corporation. When he informed his employer of his condition, he found himself being fired within hours due to a concern that he would not be able to continue his duties.

The EEOC helped enforce the employee’s legal rights, with the help of qualified attorneys, and was able to show that the employer violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. IESI failed to provide reasonable accommodations and engaged in disability discrimination.

How to Protect Yourself

If you are currently experiencing disability discrimination at your place of work, then you should move forward with protecting your employee rights. You can contact an experienced and highly skilled attorney from Shegerian & Associates to evaluate your case to bring a legal action against your employer. They have handled countless cases and have been able to obtain favorable outcomes for their clients. Contact them now!

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