Understanding a Class Action Lawsuit

December 27, 2012

Understanding a Class Action Lawsuit 150 150 Shegerian Law

Grounds for a Class Action Lawsuit

Employees may find themselves involved in a class action lawsuit when more than one party is experiencing the same grievances. Employers that subject their workers to disparate treatment can find themselves the center of a serious legal matter. A class action lawsuit can be commenced on a wide variety of infractions.

General Dynamics Class Action Lawsuit

This class action lawsuit is based on the illegal charges that were assessed by the employer on a company-run 401K plan. The petitioners consist of retired and currently employed individuals that were affected by the unfair fees.

Because of the inflated charges, the employer was forced to settle the class action lawsuit for $15 million. Each of the petitioners will be receiving their award directly in their 401K account minus legal fees.

Legal Implications

An employer that engages in unlawful conduct can be held to the strictest standards when they are found guilty. Misusing employee funds, whether it be payroll or benefits accounts, is a serious situation that can negatively affect the employees involved. In addition to a class action lawsuit damages award, an employer can also be subject to sanction, fines and penalties.

You should carefully review all of your financial statements to find inconsistencies or inaccurate information. If you suspect that your employer is engaging in malfeasance, then you should speak with a qualified attorney to review the merits of your case.

You can stop your employer from causing further damage. Contact Shegerian & Associates today for more information on how to protect your legal rights!

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